Dreamy Simplicity

Simplicity speaks to my minimalist heart, so no wonder this bridal look is one of my favorites. When I look at this bride, I can picture the wedding. It’s in a garden. No, a small white church in the middle of a field of yellow flowers. She’s madly in love and her focus is on the one she loves rather than the party. The reception is a brunch with the couple’s closest friends. A French brunch, to be exact. There is no shortage of cheese and champagne and croissants.  When they arrive home, she hangs the flowers to dry, then they are out the door for eight days in the South of France. 

Photography by Christy Wilson. www.christywilsonphotography.com

Dress is Sarah Seven. sarahseven.com

Dress Boutique: LVD Bridal. lvdbridal.com

Bouquet: Basil and Bergamot. www.basilandbergamont.com

Model: Sarah Kaufman. @sarah.kaufman