Minnie is a Photographer, but honestly she is just as superb in front of the camera as she is behind it. She even has the skin that makeup artists dream of (ZERO VISIBLE PORES), which is exactly why I couldn't bare to cover it up. 

I started out with the bare minimum: light coverage, peachy cheeks, and just the slightest amount of tight-lining on the top lash line. Eventually I played up Minnie's eyes to the slightest degree; tight lining the bottom and filling in her brows. Those gorgeous lashes are real, and the peachy lips? I just enhanced her natural hew. All this simplicity is accompanied by Seth’s use of natural light, the effortless waves I added to her hair, and the clean wardrobe we chose. Needless to say, I’m quite happy with the results. Oh and Minnie? She's just a beautiful person all-around. Inside and out.