My husband Seth and I recently teamed up with stylist Jillian Jacobs to work with this new Eye Management talent, Aliene Brookes. It was a fun, laid-back shoot, and I'm really happy with the images that came out of it. Sometimes all you need is living room studio and a few creative people who are willing to work together. :)


Photography: Seth Farmer. 

Hair and Makeup: Hannah Farmer.

Styling: Jillian Jacobs.

Model: Aliene Brooks for Eye Management.

Reina Muro

My first wedding of 2017 took place on a beautiful but dreary day back in February. Long Hollow Gardens in Gallatin, TN makes such a warm, inviting venue and their farmhouse was the perfect place for the bridal party to relax and get ready for the day. The bride, Reina's exquisite, classic taste was apparent in every decision she made, from her sleek dress to her textured hair. Her color palette was classic black and white, perfectly warmed up with greens and plums. I was honored to do her hair and makeup, and I especially loved the chance to work on a wedding with my husband, Seth, who was her photographer. 

Palm Trees

Every now and then I have the honor of doing hair and makeup for an up and coming model. These test shoots are usually low-stress opportunities to pull from inspiration or ideas that I wouldn't normally get the chance to try. This particular shoot, with Laci from Eye Management, was one of those shoots. My husband, Seth Farmer, was the photographer and our friend, Teddy Boldt, styled and gave a little creative direction. 

When I saw Teddy and Seth's inspiration, I knew that I wanted to keep things somewhat muted on my end. (Palm trees and colored lights didn't seem to need very much back-up in the makeup department.) I wanted Laci's hair to be more polished than her natural texture, and her makeup to be naturally "there". I basically water-colored her eyes and lips, staining them ever so slightly.  For her second hair look, created a loose, tucked bun. A "sophisticated gym do" if you will. 

We had a lot of fun playing around with this shoot, so I decided to share it with you. Let me know what you think! 



Dreamy Simplicity

Simplicity speaks to my minimalist heart, so no wonder this bridal look is one of my favorites. When I look at this bride, I can picture the wedding. It’s in a garden. No, a small white church in the middle of a field of yellow flowers. She’s madly in love and her focus is on the one she loves rather than the party. The reception is a brunch with the couple’s closest friends. A French brunch, to be exact. There is no shortage of cheese and champagne and croissants.  When they arrive home, she hangs the flowers to dry, then they are out the door for eight days in the South of France. 

Photography by Christy Wilson.

Dress is Sarah Seven.

Dress Boutique: LVD Bridal.

Bouquet: Basil and Bergamot.

Model: Sarah Kaufman. @sarah.kaufman


Minnie is a Photographer, but honestly she is just as superb in front of the camera as she is behind it. She even has the skin that makeup artists dream of (ZERO VISIBLE PORES), which is exactly why I couldn't bare to cover it up. 

I started out with the bare minimum: light coverage, peachy cheeks, and just the slightest amount of tight-lining on the top lash line. Eventually I played up Minnie's eyes to the slightest degree; tight lining the bottom and filling in her brows. Those gorgeous lashes are real, and the peachy lips? I just enhanced her natural hew. All this simplicity is accompanied by Seth’s use of natural light, the effortless waves I added to her hair, and the clean wardrobe we chose. Needless to say, I’m quite happy with the results. Oh and Minnie? She's just a beautiful person all-around. Inside and out.

Les Boldts

Teddy and Caitlin. There is no couple I would rather have as my first blog post. They are my best friends. I watched their relationship grow from the very beginning, and I was honored to not only do hair and makeup, but also to be Caitlin’s Maid-of-Honor. I don't know what I would do without these two. Whether I need an encouraging word, a listening ear, or even a vent buddy. One or both of them will always be there. 


The wedding took place on a rainy Friday, October 2, 2015 at The Cordelle in Nashville. The Ceremony and reception were elegant and understated. Caitlin opted for a classic look with both her hair and makeup, and Teddy went natural with a little shine spray. While I did Caitlin and her mom’s hair and makeup, my very good friend Nichole Lim did everyone else’s hair, including mine! It was such a special day, and I loved every part of it.